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SUN HERALD | Editorial: Re-elect Connie Moran mayor of Ocean Springs

Sun Herald Editorial | Sunday, June 2, 2013

Connie Moran has the experience, demonstrated leadership and proven results to lead Ocean Springs as mayor for four more years. The city, under her leadership, has enhanced its status as one of the Coast's crown jewels.

It's a vibrant place, full of hometown merchants, street fairs and visitors.

Yes, Ocean Springs knows how to attract a crowd, and you know how we love tourists and the fuel they add to the economy.

It's no wonder people go there. It's a nice place to visit. It's pleasing to the eye. It's safe. And there are many things to do and see -- from the nightclubs to Gulf Islands National Seashore, to Shearwater Pottery, to downtown shops, to the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center, to ... you get the idea. The list goes on and on.

Mayor Moran deserves the credit for helping to create the atmosphere in which those attractions have thrived.

Mayor Moran was wise enough to see that, done right, even a bridge could become an attraction. How wrong her detractors were about that. And with the state Department of Transportation poised to begin work on U.S. 90, how lucky Ocean Springs would be to have a proven leader to assure that job is done right, too.

This editorial represents the views of the Sun Herald editorial board,which consists of President-Publisher Glen Nardi,Vice President and Executive Editor Stan Tiner,Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Flora S. Point,Audience and Human Resources Director Wanda Howell,Marketing and Interactive Director John McFarland and Associate Editor Tony Biffle.