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McKay Clucking Like Chicken Little

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                CONTACT: Billy Bova
 May 1, 2013   (228) 238-0578

 Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran and Chamber of Commerce Director Margaret Miller with the 2013 National Main Street Award.
Ocean Springs, Miss. "While Ocean Springs enjoys the limelight as one of only three cites in the nation to receive the 2013 Great American Main Street Award, our opponent fails to acknowledge the success of our beautiful city under the leadership of Connie Moran," stated Billy Bova, campaign spokesperson for Mayor Connie Moran. "Connie loves Ocean Springs more than anyone I know. She thinks of its citizens as her family. Just as anyone who loves their family with such conviction as Connie, she will fight tooth and nail for what is best for her community."

"Rather than clucking 'The sky is falling!' like Chicken Little, perhaps our opponent might acquaint himself with the fact that new business expansion and job creation are growing in Ocean Springs and revenues are up from last year and continue to rise. In fact, under Mayor Moran's award-winning leadership, city tax rates have been cut, and the city has embraced sound, responsible fiscal management," Bova continued. "At the same time, county taxes paid by OS residents have soared under our opponent's tenure of high valuations on our property, making Ocean Springs the Piggy Bank for the County."