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God-Given Economic Development

By Ronni Mott | Jackson Free Press |August 21, 2013

Connie-Moran courtesy Connie Moran t670Mississippi is making a concerted push to capture some of the enormous money in the health-care industry. That push, however, doesn't include what experts deem two of the most vital aspects of creating a health-care economy: healthy, well-educated citizens. On Aug. 15, more than 700 people gathered at the Jackson Convention Complex, eager to understand how health care can be a driver for creating jobs and boosting local revenues in Mississippi. Gov. Phil Bryant began the daylong Governor's Health Care Economic Development Summit with calls to think big about developing medical corridors with the help of the Health Care Industry Zone Act.

"It's ironic that in June, the Legislature voted to reject the federal dollars that would have provided 300,000 working Mississippians with access to affordable health care insurance," she said. "That's a conflict, and it's the wrong thing."

Moran cited an Institutions of Higher Learning study that said the state would see 9,000 new jobs as a result of expanding Medicaid.

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